On 10th January 2020 the classes A and B from 10th grade, went on a trip to Cabo Espichel, Sesimbra. The main purpose of this outing was to consolidate the Geology contents which had been previously taught in class. Around 8:30 am both classes met our teachers next to the school’s main gate. Shortly after, we left by bus towards Praia da Foz da Fonte. When we arrived, the walk started! This group of students was accompanied by three teachers:  Biology and Geology, Physics and Chemistry and Physical Education.

During the trip we stopped 6 times. The first stop was to see a geological monument on a beach, which had been referred in class. Basically, that beach was once underwater, and as a result of that, the rocks still have little shells inside and around them! The second one was to have a quick snack. There was still a lot to walk! On the third stop, we saw dinosaur footprints! Each class sat on a sloped rock to watch the Atlantic Ocean. These footprints were from three different dinosaurs and the track they left was easily recognized. At Jazida da Pedra da Mua, on the fourth stop, we could see sauropod footprints on the hillside of the mountain. Those footprints, according to an ancient legend, were considered to belong to a giant mule. Afterwards, we stopped to have lunch and rest. The pupils could get along with their mates and enjoy the sunny day. The sixth and last stop was to see, once again, more dinosaur footprints. This time in a quarry where several rails of fossils could be seen on a large limestone. After this last stop we returned to the bus to come back to school, ending this geological trip. During the trip we had to answer a questionnaire, given by the Biology and Chemistry teachers.


Written by Eva Santos - 10ºA



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