On 10th January, there was a school trip to Praia da Foz da Fonte, Jazida de Lagosteiros, Jazida da Pedra da Mua and to Pedreira do Avelino. This school trip connected a big variety of subjects, which included: Geology, Physics, Portuguese, English and Physical Education. It started around half-past eight in the morning at the meeting point, the school entrance. We went by bus to the first stop, near Praia da Foz da Fonte, where the Geology teacher gave us all the information we needed for the day and a couple of questions to answer along the trip. 

The bus stop wasn’t that close to Praia da Foz da Fonte, so we had to walk until we got there (What a great way to wake us up!). When we arrived, we saw some interesting geological structures and some fossils. The teacher showed us some geological characteristics on that beach that were related to what we had learnt in school. After Praia da Foz da Fonte we walked for almost two hours to go to Jazida de Lagoteiros and Jazida da Pedra da Mua. It was the hardest part of the whole trip because the ground was very irregular. Besides all the difficulties we arrived “alive” to our destiny. There, we saw some amazing fossils of footprints left by dinosaurs. There is a legend about some of those footprints. Its story is about a mule that climbed a hill but of course, we know that’s not true. We went to Cabo Espichel by bus where we had lunch, answered some of the questions the teacher had given us and rested for a while. The bus took us to Pedreira do Avelino, our last stop, which is a geo monument. The owner of a quarry discovered footprints on a rock and decided not to explore that rock so people could see those incredible fossils. Around 4 pm the school trip ended and we were happy that we saw all of the wonderful things we had learnt in class.

Inês Figueira, nº 20; Guilherme Santos, nº 17 and Beatriz Vasconcelos nº6

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