On Friday, 10th January 2020 the students from classes 10A and 10B went on a field trip to Cabo Espichel, within the subject of Geology and Biology. We left school at 8:30 am and headed straight to Praia da Foz da Fonte. Most of the journey was made by bus, but we still had to walk a lot.On our first stop, at the aforementioned beach, we were able to see the effects of erosion on the rocks over time, particularly how the wind and water, characteristic of the coast shaped the scenery, creating a cliff over the beach. We also saw many shellfish fossils dating back to lower cretaceous and lower Miocene.

After a long journey on foot we arrived at the second stop: Jazida dos Lagosteiros, where we saw footprints right next to us, those footprints were made by Sauropods and Theropods. Then we reached the third stop, Jazida da Pedra da Mua", here we were able to see Sauropods footprints, unfortunately, we found hard to spot them because we were far away, and they were very small. The Biology teacher told us the legend of Nossa Senhora da Mua. According to this popular legend, those footprints were made by a giant mule which carried Virgin Mary over the sea into the top of the rock cliff. Finally, we headed to Jazida da Pedreira do Avelino by bus. At this place we were able to observe sauropod footprints, again. Concluding, with this field trip, we had the opportunity to get to know some areas of great geological interest in the Setúbal Peninsula. This visit, therefore, had a great impact and a great importance for our knowledge.


Written by Abigail Pereira; Daniela Dias; Mª Leonor André; Sofia Pereira e Mª Inês Chagas



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